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Animation business plans

When you have mastered the basics of the engine, Flash gives you added capabilities to extend your creative possibilities. In this article, I show you how to import artwork to Flash CS4, create an animation, and change an animation after you've created it.

In this example, we import artwork from Fireworks. With Fireworks CS4, you can work with both raster and vector content.

Raster files or bitmaps become pixelated when you resize them. A photograph is an example of a raster graphic file. Vector files, on the other hand, do not pixelate when you resize them.

The paths of a vector graphic simply redraw no matter how much you expand or reduce it. For this example, I have created a vector polygon with a gradient fill and a stroke that is grouped with a text field see Figure 1. You have two import options: The Stage is the main animation area for the movie you're creating with Flash.

The Library is a bank of assets or graphics that are part of the project but not necessarily on the Stage. The Library contains assets that you either create in Flash or import from other applications.

Then browse to the file and click Import To Library. In the Animation business plans Fireworks Document dialog box, select the options shown in Figure 2.

Fireworks import dialog box in Flash CS4 Professional For this example, you want to keep the vector design editable instead of converting it to a raster or bitmap design.

For designs that are more complex, you may want to import as a bitmap to maintain the appearance. When you click OK, the Fireworks asset is imported to Flash. To see the imported assets, click the Library tab. When the assets are imported, the design is automatically converted to a graphic called Go.

To position the graphic on the Stage, drag and drop the Go. Position the object in the upper left corner. If you don't position it in the correct location initially, you can reposition it using the mouse by dragging and dropping the graphic to the correct position. Your file should look like Figure 3.

Starting position on the Stage for the Go graphic Creating an animation Now, let's say you want to make an animation that will move the asset from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. First, you need to tell Flash that you want to tween the object.

When you use a tween, you tell Flash where on the Stage you want the object in the animation to start and end. Flash will automatically fill in the frames between the start and end points that you define. There are two types of tweening in Flash: Since you are moving the Go graphic instead of changing its shape, you need to create a motion tween.

animation business plans

To do this, right-click the object in Flash and select Create Motion Tween. Now you'll notice that the Timeline at the bottom of the application has changed. The Timeline represents how the animation looks and behaves from the time it starts moving until it arrives at its destination.

The Timeline is broken up into frames, or individual points in time, that display the animation. By default, Flash displays individual frames at a rate of 24 per second, which means that for each second the animation is playing, 24 frames are displayed.

In the Timeline, the red indicator is the playhead, which shows what frame you are currently displaying in the Flash application.

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Before you added the motion tween, the Timeline was a single frame, containing the object you placed onto the Stage.

When you created the tween, Flash extended the Timeline by 24 frames and positioned the playhead at the end of the tween. Now that you are at the end of the tween, you want the Go graphic to be at the lower right corner of the Stage. To change its location, simply drag and drop the graphic to the desired location.

With the playhead on frame 24, move the Go symbol to the lower right corner of the Stage see Figure 4.

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Setting the Go graphic's final destination in the animation After you drop the object, you'll notice a line with dots appear from the graphic's starting location the origin to the final location the destination. That line is called the motion path. It won't actually show when you publish your file, but it is a visual cue to show you the path the graphic will take as it moves from the origin to the destination.

Now that the destination has been set, you can click and drag the playhead to show the animation on the Timeline.Adobe Flash CS4 Professional introduces a revamped animation engine that is easy to use and more powerful than previous versions.

When you have mastered the basics of the engine, Flash gives you added capabilities to extend your creative possibilities.

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