Antithesis of lazy

As lazy as a couch potato.

Antithesis of lazy

Introduction to the Enneagram Perspective Values and ideals motivate Antithesis of lazy guide our choices.

Some are attracted to goodness, others to love, still others to action, beauty, wisdom, loyalty, joy, strength, and peace. Vulnerabilities are the tender underside of our values. We become very sensitive and protective when our values are discounted or threatened.

Some are sensitive to criticism, others to rejection, still others to failure, abandonment, ridicule, betrayal, limitations, weakness, and conflict.

When we are functioning from the self actualizing and transcending side of our person, we pursue our values and accept our vulnerabilities. Our vision is realistic, our energy is expressed cleanly as a virtue, and our actions are resourceful and fulfilling.

Antithesis of lazy

When we operate from the self maintaining and defensive side of our personality, we protect ourselves from being hurt and lose touch with what we really want. From the Enneagram Perspective, these values and vulnerabilities, ideals and idealizations, adaptive and maladaptive visions, virtues and vices, resourceful and non- resourceful behaviors get expressed in nine different personality styles.

Through illustrations, videos, and dialogue, this workshop will explore these complementary ways of being in the world. Integrating Our Inner Polarities When we over-identify or over-idealize certain aspects of our personality, we tend to disavow any opposite tendencies or attributes.

To avoid these unacceptable parts of ourselves, we put them in the basement our unconscious where we can forget about them. This is called repression. Splitting is a variation on this maneuver. Instead of being a whole me, we become the good me and the bad me.

These defensive techniques create divisions within ourselves. If relics in the basement start to offend us, we can go a step further and throw our garbage out.

For example if you think of yourself as wise and perceptive and find looking foolish quite intolerable, you can cast out your foolishness and then find yourself surrounded by a confederacy of dunces.

This is called projection. The process of projective identification goes a little beyond projection. Instead of simply throwing our trash out and leaving it in others with a good riddance, we put our unsavory characteristics in others, then process our garbage in them —or cajole others into cleaning up their acts.

For example if you project your inner rebel or delinquent onto others, then you will have to police them, reform them, excommunicate them, or throw them in jail. These defensive strategies create divisions between ourselves and others. If we can re-identify with our unseemly parts and re-own them, we might find some valuable assets tossed out with our garbage.

We will gain an inner integration and wholesome connections with other people, both of which lead to an increase of energy since we are no longer divided against ourselves and others. To make friends with our inner polarities, we may need to reframe their attributes.SpanishDict is devoted to improving our site based on user feedback and introducing new and innovative features that will continue to help people learn and love the Spanish language.

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Need antonyms for lazy? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. The industrious and thrifty would be at the mercy of the lazy and wicked.

Antithesis of lazy

The faintest whiff of stephanotis came to her on the lazy summer air. There was no sparkle of any kind on the lazy stream of his life. If you weren't too lazy to give orders, Pete, you'd have cold beer for a day like this.

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