Busn 311


Busn 311

All transfer students must have a transfer student evaluation completed by Transfer Evaluation Services to be used as documentation that the transfer courses are acceptable.

In addition to completing the business Step 1 Admission courses, students Busn 311 have their resumes approved by Career Development Services prior to submitting an application for Step 1 admission.

Waivers will be granted under the following conditions: The waiver has not been granted previously.

Busn 311

The student must have successfully completed at least 42 credit hours applicable to the BSBA degree program. During the semester for which the waiver is granted, the student must enroll in all remaining business Step 1 Admission courses whose successful completion with a grade Busn 311 C or better would allow normal Step 1 Admission to the bachelor's degree program in business administration.

The Associate Dean will review the student's other coursework to determine if the student has maintained an overall 2.


In this case, the requirement for a grade of C or better in each of the Step 1 Admission courses may, at the discretion of the Associate Dean, be waived. Step 2 Students must first successfully complete Step 1 before undertaking the requirements for Step 2 Admission to the bachelor's degree program in business administration.

Students must apply for Step 2 Admission to the program no later than the end of the semester in which they complete the following requirements: Earn an overall cumulative grade point average of at least 2. Forms to request a PRW are available on the College's website.

Students not meeting these requirements may wish to see the appeal procedures below. The appeal must document the reasons why the student should be granted Step 2 Admission to the bachelor's degree program in business administration.

In this case, the regular Step 2 Admission requirements may, at the discretion of the Associate Dean, be waived. Students transferring in any of the Step 1 courses are eligible for Fast Track Admission after completing at least 12 credits of course work at ODU if they present an unofficial transcript showing earned grades of B or higher in the Step 1 courses transferred to ODU, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.

The Strome College of Business makes a reasonable effort to notify undergraduate students who are not in good academic standing in the BSBA program of their academic status. Non-receipt of the e-mail messages by a student will not be considered grounds for granting exceptions or delays in enforcement of the BSBA continuance regulations.

BSBA Continuance Regulations At the end of each semester—fall, spring, and summer—the Strome College of Business reviews the records of all students who do not maintain at least a 2.

Consistent with the University continuance policy, a student on BSBA Academic Alarm may not enroll in more than 14 credit hours in fall and spring semesters, no more than six credits in the summer terms, and no more than one course in any single summer term.

The enrollment limit may be waived under extenuating circumstances and with the permission of the Associate Dean of the Strome College of Business. Should a student decide not to enroll at the University for a semester or other period of time, his or her status will remain the same upon returning.

These students are advised to contact the Center for Major Exploration. Late appeals will not be reviewed. Appeals must be based on circumstances pertinent to the semesters in which the academic difficulty occurred that were beyond the control of the student and for which official withdrawal from the course s was not an option.

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Appeal letters must be legible and authored by the terminated student. The appeal letter must provide sufficient detail and explanation regarding the following points because there is no face-to-face meeting with the Strome College of Business Associate Dean. The decision of the Associate Dean is final.

Students without documentation will not be allowed to appeal their termination. In order to be reviewed, an appeal letter must: Document the extraordinary circumstances such as a death in the family, medical complications or chronic conditions, personal or family emergency, overwhelming work schedules, dorm-mate conflict, or a personal relationship conflict that have adversely affected performance: Explain how the extraordinary circumstances caused each semester of poor academic performance.

State the reasons why an official withdrawal was not requested. Explain how the extraordinary circumstance s has been resolved. Provide a plan of action to return to good BSBA academic standing. Students who do not file a BSBA termination appeal or whose appeals are denied are no longer eligible to pursue the bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

This does not affect a declared second major outside of the BSBA.Apu Busn/busn Week 6 Quiz Latest 10/10 Question 1 Of 10 0 Points Eeoc Laws Apply To All Businesses A True B False $ Busn Quantitative Methods And Analysis Paper Get An A.

STUDENT WARNING: This course syllabus is from a previous semester archive and serves only as a preparatory reference. Please use this syllabus as a reference only until the professor opens the classroom and you have access to the.

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