Columbine high school massacre and michael

Later investigations showed that this was based on mistaken recollections, and Glenn Moore of the Golden Police Department concluded that they were absent from school on the day of the attack.

Columbine high school massacre and michael

Visit Website She Said Yes In the days immediately following the shootings, it was speculated that Harris and Klebold purposely chose athletes, minorities and Christians as their victims. It initially was reported that one student, Cassie Bernall, was asked by one of the gunmen if she believed in God.

Her parents later wrote a book titled She Said Yes, honoring their daughter.

Columbine high school massacre and michael

However, it later was determined the question was not posed to Bernall but to another student who already had been wounded by a gunshot. Columbine Shooting Investigation Subsequent investigations determined Harris and Klebold chose their victims randomly, and the two teens originally had intended to bomb their school, potentially killing hundreds of people.

There was speculation that Harris and Klebold committed the killings because they were members of a group of social outcasts called the Trenchcoat Mafia that was fascinated by Goth culture. It also was speculated that Harris and Klebold had carried out the shootings as retaliation for being bullied.

Additionally, violent video games and music were blamed for influencing the killers. However, none of these theories was ever proven. Through journals left behind by Harris and Klebold, investigators eventually discovered the teens had been planning for a year to bomb the school in an attack similar to the Oklahoma City bombing.

The deadliest school shooting in U. Columbine High School reopened in the fall ofbut the massacre left a scar on the Littleton community. Mark Manes, the man who sold a gun to Harris and bought him rounds of ammunition the day before the murders, was sentenced to six years in prison.

Another man, Philip Duran, who introduced Harris and Klebold to Manes, also was sentenced to prison time. Some victims and families of people killed or injured filed suit against the school and the police; most of these suits were later dismissed in court.On April 20, , in the small, suburban town of Littleton, Colorado, two high-school seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, enacted an all-out assault on Columbine High School during the middle of the school day.

The boys' plan was to kill hundreds of their peers. Michael Shoels, father of slain Columbine High School student Isaiah Shoels, leans on his son's headstone while Martin Luther King III, second from left, offers a moment of silent prayer, in Founded: Sep 18, The film was seminal in the way it addressed gun violence in America, examining the issue through the events leading up to and following the mass shooting at Columbine High School, which left.

Annotated Bibliography Primary Sources Callahan, C.M., et al., “Urban High School Youth and Handguns: A School-based Survey,” Journal of the American Medical. COLUMBINE High School massacre was a crime that stunned the United States and the world. But the shooting proved to be just the beginning of a sorry chapter in the nation’s modern history.

Getty. Ann Kechter talks with the media as her husband, Joe, looks on in Littleton, Colo., April 8, The Kechters' son, Matthew, was slain in the Columbine High School massacre April 20, Founded: Sep 18,

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