Composition on a visit to a shopping mall

Valuable and approachable location: It is located Within walking distance of two central areas, Al Naseer Square and Al Makhtoum Street, and surrounded by the major government, travel, airline, commercial offices and banks and over 20 hotels. Customer point of view it is highly approachable. Magnificent and Unique Architecture:

Composition on a visit to a shopping mall

Gone are those leisurely picnic days with the budding of malls all over the country. People have lesser time and seek entertainment, food and shopping all at one place. Malls make a convenient outlet for us. Our family recently visited the Hyderabad Central.

Hyderabad Central is amongst the most happening malls in the city. There are multi-cuisine food courts, multi-plex cinema and shops of all kinds under one roof. Mother shopped enthusiastically for monthly rations. We now moved onto shopping for clothes for Diwali.

There were so many bags. We had to go down to the parking to put them into our car!

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Shopping always makes me hungry. We now moved on towards the multi-cuisine food courts while my sister and I preferred to gorge on pizzas, our parents preferred diet coke with sandwiches and cold salad.

Now food usually makes one lethargic and we needed to rest. Still shopping had to be done.

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So we opted to view the Harry Potter movie showing at the multi-plex. It was a lovely movie. My sister slept through half of it. The time was apt for tea before we could take on another bout of shopping.

This time we shopped for shoes and accessories. The sweet mart had an assorted range of toffees and jujebes. Very artistically molded chocolates and peppermint were in shapes of animals and dolls.

Composition on a visit to a shopping mall

Shopping had just begun to get better. I love visiting malls.“Drawing is the gateway to all the arts” believes professional artist and art instructor, Dana Childs of d’Lauren Fine Arts. Students of all skill levels ages are welcome in this Wednesday three week course and will learn the fundamentals of drawing and composition, which provide the foundation to all other media in the artistic and creative worlds.

The restorative potential of shopping malls. The respondents also reported how long they planned to spend at the mall during their current visit. Last, the respondents answered demographic questions about their gender, age, monthly income, labour status, and marital status.

Both clusters contain a 60% female and 40% male composition.

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Butin brief a shopping mall, shopping centre, shopping arcade or simply mall is one or morebuildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnectingwalkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area — .

The International Council of Shopping Centres () defines a mall as: aAn enclosed centre with a climate controlled walkway between two strips of facing stores.

Furthermore, tThe industry also distinguishes between various types of malls on various continents. Find More Dresses Information about Fashion Women Summer Dress Short Sleeve Sexy Mini Dresses Print Midi Dress Woman Vestidos S XXXL,High Quality sexy mini dress,China summer dress Suppliers, Cheap women summer dress from Mandy shopping mall on The World in a Shopping Mall to replace some of the revenue and activity drained off by the megamaIl.2 The inclusion of more and more activities into the mall has.

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