Efforts in curbing the rising challenge of software piracy

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Efforts in curbing the rising challenge of software piracy

The first requires two objects from the game to be entered, which is already saying something given the large number of one-use clutter. The secondhowever, is a bit more complex. When you enter the first screen, it has a message something along the lines of "Protection Ace of Hearts over Three of Clubs First Hole".

It turns out the manual tells what the question is, and the game came with a number of hole-punched playing cards. Only by correctly laying the cards over each other and examining a hole can you figure out the required code to get on with it.

Not only does it give you the page of the manual and what number word it is, it also gives you the heading of that section of the manual and the first letter of the word.

Unfortunately, one of the copy-protection questions uses an answer that ia directly related to the heading and extremely easy to guess: If you answer the question wrong, it will simply let you try again with a different question as many times as you want, so even if you lost the manual it was easy to just cycle through the questions until you got one you knew or could figure out the answer to not to mention having the first letter of the words made brute force guesswork much easier.

Interplay games also have this form of copy protection, albeit less forgiving it only bluntly tells you to look at the manual page and word number, with no other hints, and you only get three tries before it drops you back to the DOS command prompt.

This makes playing the game without the manual extremely difficult. Most ports of the games make the spells selectable by menu, eliminating this issue. Also in the original game, whenever you level up, the Review Board will ask you to name a street in the city.

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The third game of the trilogy, Thief Of Fate, has dimension-hopping as a crucial plot point. Woe betide you if you lost the physical copy of the star chart. The Carmen Sandiego games each shipped with a large tome: Several problems occurred with this: Defender of Rome came with a map of Ancient Rome, necessary to answer the questions that pop up after running the game "What is the capital in the province of [name]?

The in-game justification is that "A usurper claims you are not the rightful king! Dark Sun Shattered Lands has your party accosted at the end of the first dungeon the Absurdly Spacious Sewer by the mental projection of a dragon, who wants to know the words on on a page in the manual.


Failing will crash you out of the game. Arenathe first game of the series, requires you to answer questions about spells in the known Spellbook part of the manual before leaving the first dungeon.

Efforts in curbing the rising challenge of software piracy

Later on, Bethesda allowed the game to be downloaded for free, and while they did not remove the copy protection, the official download includes all the required information in a text file. The Amiga game Elvira: Mistress of the Dark has you hunting for six keys hidden in the castle, and one is hidden in a dark passage, requiring you to have Elvira cook up "Glowing Pride" to find it.

In other words, you can play most of the game on a pirate version, but to complete it you need the original version. At least, you did until GameFAQs was invented. Jaws of Cerberusopening the main building door and each of the studio doors requires a keypad code obtained via a code wheel.

You need to line up three symbols or words and type in a code visible in the proper box. If you failed to identify the plane from the manual that the game shows you, the game forces you to go on a "training mission" with preset equipment instead of allowing you to choose your mission, plane or ammunition.

Hired Guns for the Amiga. The programmer responsible summed it up best himself: I figured anyone who cracked the game would take out the manual protection, play the game a bit and leave it at that.

Also, the comic book includes unguessable clues such as what actions you have to take while splashing through the maze, and the key to a cipher message. Several Level 9 games used a method called "Lenslok".Types Of Software Piracy There are a number of different types of software piracy.a KeyGen (short for Key Generator) is a small program that will generate an unauthorized but working registration key or serial number for a piece of software.

Efforts in curbing the rising challenge of software piracy

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By Emma Okonji. Software piracy has continued to thrive in most parts of the world, Nigeria inclusive.

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The growth of illicit digital trade of copyrighted works – not included in the OECD figure – constitutes a significant portion of the value of global illicit trade.

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10 The value of digital piracy in music, movies and software in alone . I llicit trade is a major and growing policy challenge worldwide.

From smuggling, counterfeiting and tax evasion, to the illegal sale or possession of goods, services, humans and wildlife, governments are losing billions in tax revenues, legitimate businesses are undermined, and consumers are exposed to poorly made and unregulated products.

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