Esempio business plan gelateria de neri

On the map below, you can find the closest to you! Gelateria La Carraia Right off the Ponte alla Carraia second bridge west of Ponte Vecchio, on the Oltrarno sidethe gelato here is super creamy and soft. The display is also a feast for the eyes!

Esempio business plan gelateria de neri

We made the familiar walk with purpose, passing three or four other gelaterie with windows full of tall, whipped, over-bright yellow, pink, and green gelati along the way. When we arrived at his gelateria, only Kostantinos, a Greek architecture student, was behind the counter.

We were pleased to see him, but still frowned and asked for Cillo, the something owner of the gelateria, who strode out from the kitchen.

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He was there just for us. Kate, one of my roommates, bubbled. Cillo replied, shaking his head at the white linoleum floor. She asked, trying to maintain her earlier cheerfulness but faltering in tone.

What could he say to make us feel better? Kate, Yanda, and I were downright depressed about saying good-bye to Cillo.

esempio business plan gelateria de neri

The three of us had shared an apartment in central Florence since January and suddenly we had to say good-bye to each other and him. That night, we lingered in the shop as long as we could, trying to forget that we needed to go back to our apartment, finish packing, and get in a taxi at 5 am, which would arrive in a mere seven hours.

Kate and Yanda adored anything covered with Nutella — a chocolate-hazelnut spread that is delightful on anything from bananas to melba toast — for a time we went through one to two jars a week. Impressive since I hardly ate any of it. When we arrived, I was not excited — all I could think of was tourism.

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It looked like the big commercial gelaterie that lined the biggest tourist thruways, save for the lack of over-whipped colors in the front window.

But, alas, we were going in. White walls are accented with too-bright orange and yellow trim and counters. The shop was empty except for Cillo and his business manager, a tall, thin thirty-something in a suit, who we later discovered was responsible for the obnoxious color scheme.

The ever-friendly Cillo always seemed a little tense when the unnamed manager was chatting up customers and shouting suggestions at Cillo as he made crepes and scooped.

Cillo is a gelato artisan, concerned mostly with perfecting his recipes. He opened his shop in Via dei Neri in He honed his craft making gelato in his hometown in Calabria for over thirty years before moving to Florence. Cillo makes each batch of gelato himself in a small kitchen at the shop.Such factors include, among others: general economic and business conditions; changes in law regarding internet activities; competition; changes in business strategy; the indebtedness of the Company; quality of management, business abilities and judgment of the Company’s personnel; the availability, terms and deployment of capital; and other various factors referenced in this Plan.

Apr 10,  · Nella prima parte vengono illustrate le finalità di un business plan, le sue funzioni, e il passaggio dalla visione iniziale alla formula imprenditoriale. Category Education. Business Plan - Presentazione in power point 1. Riva Ostiense CAMPUS BUSINESS PLANRealizzato da: Elisa Marino e Stefania Ventriglia 2.

Business Plan Simulation, Business Planning Course Marketing Analysis/Competitive Analysis/Operational plan/Financial analysis and scenarios.

During - , engaged by a SME, worked as financial business controller: preparing reports for shareholder with variance analysis between budget-forecast-actual data; reviewing business plan and designing and evaluating company procedures supporting the re-engineering processes.

Gelato business plan. Our mission was to make the best gelato in the world and we [didn't] know how to make any gelato! Therefore, it is important to consider all of these intangible investments to open a gelato shop concern the start-up costs, the bureaucratic expenses, and the registration trademarks, to name a few.

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