Experiment 1lab report

Slice 4 potatoes into small pieces. Fill ml of water in a beaker. Pour the ml of water in the blender.

Experiment 1lab report

Experiment 1lab report

Once you get the volume in mL do not forget to convert it into liters. Room temperature and room pressure should have been recorded in lab and can be used along with the ideal gas law to determine the moles of gas needed.

Rearranging the ideal gas law into the following form will allow you to calculate the moles of CO2. Where n is the moles of CO2, what you are solving for, P is the pressure of the room be sure to convert it to atmV is the volume of your airbag in L, R is the gas constant 0.

K and T is room temperature in Kelvin. In this case it is easy, they are all 1: This can be done using the molarity equation below: The calculation section should include sample calculations for each column in the data table, be sure to include conversions of units.

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The conclusion section should be in paragraph format and discuss the success or failure of each airbag design. This should include the volume of each air bag and the amount of materials used. Along with the components of the airbag you should include a discussion of the reasons for the success or failure of each bag.

Also cite any problems or errors that may have occurred in the experiment and any second trials that may have taken place. Answer the following questions: What is the reason for the difference in the two reactions?Experiment 1 post-lab Chem 1 pages.

Pre-Lab Report - Chem L University of New Mexico General Chemistry I Lab CHEM - Fall Register Now; Pre-Lab Report - Chem L. 2 pages.

How to Write a Microbiology Lab Report: 14 Steps (with Pictures) In the first experiment, one dimensional motion of a small cart on an air track is measured in a one photogate system. The acceleration was calculated by the infrared light emitting electrode of the photogate sensing the slacks on the picket fence.

Sec results University of New Mexico General Chemistry I Lab. The purpose should be several well constructed sentences that cover the topics that this experiment is designed to cover.

This can include both concepts and experimental techniques. The procedure section should reference the lab manual and note any changes that were made to the procedure while performing the experiment.

particular experiment depends on the accuracy desired for that experiment. For rough massings, where an accuracy of g is required, the platform decigram balance may be used. View Lab Report - Experiment 1- lab report from CHEM CHEM at University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley.

Experiment 1 Basic Laboratory Operations Chemistry Lab for Engineers: 01 University of%(2).

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The Parts of a Laboratory Report. Introduction:Ý What is the context in which the experiment takes place? The primary job of any scientific Introduction is to establish the purpose for doing the experiment that is to be reported.Ý When scientists do research, the main purpose that guides their work is to contribute to the knowledge of their .

Experiment 1: Laboratory Techniques and Measurements Jennifer Jacob January 29, pm Chemistry Section 1: Abstract, Experiment, and Observation Abstract: Learning laboratory techniques is vital to carrying out experiments effectively. In this lab, I became familiar with measuring techniques, volume and density measurements and calculations, and lab procedures in general.

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