Freedom to comment reflections essay

Number of Individuals with Internet Access: When the theory is applied to journalism, the press becomes the means for top-down communication, a tool used by the Party to "educate" the masses and mobilize public will towards socialist progress. Thus the mass media are not allowed to report any aspect of the internal policy-making process, especially debates within the Party.

Freedom to comment reflections essay

Under the NPPA, a newspaper publisher has to apply for a licence, which must be renewed annually and can be revoked at any time.

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The aggregate effect of this is that newspapers are left in the hands of commercial owners. The Government arguably does not directly intervene in the operations of newspaper companies in Singapore. Several opposition parties have argued for this regulatory regime to be relaxed.

However, it remains to be seen whether any government, even a non-PAP one, would have the will to cede control in this respect.

If anything, it would probably be in response to exceptionally strong public sentiment, though this has not really featured so far in Singapore.

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In the survey, 70 per cent of the respondents cited mainstream media as their main source of information on the polls. This suggests that the mainstream media still enjoys a relatively high level of trust and credibility among the population.

Freedom to comment reflections essay

One may ask whether the alternative new media, as it is today, is capable of replacing the mainstream media — arguably not. Dr George pointed out that the role of professional journalists cannot be completely filled by hobbyist bloggers.

Bloggers may be experts in specific fields, and could offer refreshing perspectives on several issues. But for the day-to-day reporting of even the mundane occurrences, professionals are needed.

Freedom to comment reflections essay

Today, Singaporeans in general do not seem to be clamouring for more press freedom. Perhaps until this happens, the existing regulation regime is unlikely to change significantly. An interesting question to consider is what if newspapers in Singapore went completely online?

This does not seem entirely impossible, given how hard-copy circulation numbers in many developed countries are facing a steady downward trend. Casting the complications relating to ownership and control of the company aside, to me at least, it would probably be a daunting prospect in terms of regulation.

On the whole, Perspectives on Press Freedom was enlightening indeed. In the local context, it reinforced the complex relationship between the Government, media, and the public. To comprehend the existing state of affairs in its entirety, it is pertinent to look beyond the legislative framework of media regulation and draw the necessary inferences.

First published at Singaporepubliclaw.By: Ariadne Nichol Inspiring the second-wave feminism movement in the s, Simone de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex” captures the true extent to which women have been oppressed throughout history as a result of being categorized as the Other.

Endeavoring to explain how this categorization has occurred, Simone de Beauvoir elucidates an . Essay Archive; Audio & Video Not Just a Joke: Reflections on Free Speech, Violence and Mislabeled Heroism.

Posted on January 8, Many years ago, when discussing the issue of hate speech and how it should be addressed on college campuses, my friend Paul Gallegos at Evergreen State College smiled and said, “Ya know, just because speech.

Reflections on Scientific Inquiry, Academic Freedom, and Enlightenment. Authors; but also as a wonderful enactment of the kind of link between inquiry and an ethic of intellectual freedom about which I will comment.

which thus constitutes a deeply personal set of reflections. This essay originated as a prepared talk for a meeting on.

On the whole, Perspectives on Press Freedom was enlightening indeed. In the local context, it reinforced the complex relationship between the Government, media, and the public.

In the local context, it reinforced the complex relationship between the Government, media, and the public. It’s over a month now that Michael Stone is gone.

What a strange word that is: gone.

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