Glo bus swot analysis

For example, a competitor that is focused on reaching short-term financial goals might not be willing to spend much money responding to a competitive attack. Rather, such a competitor might favor focusing on the products that hold positions that better can be defended.

Glo bus swot analysis

This paper will concentrate on the importance of writing a reflection, what do people gain from writing a reflection and how it helps in the future.

The positive and negative incidents that occurred and how did we solve the problems that arose while making decisions. Theories have been used to analyse the incidents. Lastly a conclusion has been given explaining what could have been done better, what will I use in the future and what have I learnt from this experience.

The main aim of this document is to reflect upon the experiences that were faced while conducting the GLO-BUS business simulation in a team. To be successful in this day and age where competition is at its peak, an individual needs to reflect on the experiences that were faced either in a working environment, university, school or college.

We will write a custom essay sample on Future working in groups Order now More Essay Examples on It Glo bus swot analysis to understand what has been learnt and what could have been done better or improved in the future and most importantly what can be done when placed in a similar situation.

Glo bus swot analysis

By reflecting what was experienced within the team while working on the GLO-BUS, it will help identify the problems and the measures that could have been taken for better output, it will help express my feelings and the knowledge I have gained.

This reflection will give me an opportunity to learn how I reacted in certain situations and when working on similar business simulations in the future or working in groups or teams, what are the steps that can be taken to achieve better performance, goals and targets.

This model can be used to describe what I experienced, my observations, what I learnt and how can I adapt it in different cases in future. We were allocated into groups of four to five with people from different qualities we sat down within as a group and tried to identify key qualities which we could bring for this project and allocated positions which were attributed as leader, organiser, analyser and communicator.

I was in the group of four; leaderanalysercommunicatororganiser.

Competitor Product Summary

We were all unfamiliar with each other and were from different business management pathways, which was a benefit for us in regards to the various decision entries of the simulation.

However I shared my disability with the group.

Glo bus swot analysis

My colleagues understood my situation and assured me that we will work as a team rather than individuals and will help each other on our weaknesses. This statement gave me motivation and I was looking forward to work with my team.

Strategic Management > Competitor Analysis. Competitor Analysis. In formulating business strategy, managers must consider the strategies of the firm's competitors. While in highly fragmented commodity industries the moves of any single competitor may be less important, in concentrated industries competitor analysis becomes a vital part of strategic planning. Comparative Analysis Of Glo Bus Digital Camera Company. diversification. Market penetration was the initial strategic direction chosen for our company – the Desire Company aiming to market entry-level cameras and multi-featured cameras to four market regions Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America. There are two . Glo-Bus Reflection Essays The task and standards: The glo-bus game is an online game developed by IBM and is short for globe business simulation game. It provides a competitive environment to all the participants and company’s managers.

This was one the first time I brought a weakness to a group and openly shared it with such compassionate support it really help boost my self-belief and confidence.

To achieve long term success in the strong business world for any organisation, small or large business or a company, it requires some sort of strategy and implementation as it is important.

So from the start we as a team decided to have a strategy to attain short and long-term goals and targets. It stems from the many discrete activities a firm performs in designing, producing, marketing, delivering and supporting its product.

We had to split and understand our strategy and focus within our specific departments to help create this basis for differentiation. Before every meeting each member of the team had to analyse different camera markets and we conducted a SWOT analysis against our rival companies.

By carrying such analysis we were able to work on our weaknesses which then lead to better performance. I will discuss the positives and negatives of the glob-bus project.

In the practise weeks we achieved excellent results but as the actual week started, the GLO-BUS simulation was getting tougher and tougher and the competition was at its peak due to which we scored low marks in some of our decision results.

This occurred because the leadership qualities were low of our leader and there was lack of control and responsibility. Initiating Structure — organizing work, organizing and defining relationships or roles, establishing well-defined patterns of organisation, channels of communication, and ways of getting jobs done.

Consideration — building friendship, mutual trust, respect and camaraderie.PEST ANALYSIS ECONOMIC FACTORS Following are some of the political factors: • Minimum wage laws • International policies • Pricing of raw materials • Interest rates • Inflation Economic factors are those which effect the production of any industry.

Comments on Glo-Bus Ending Performance SWOT Analysis-increase annual base pay by 1% to reach a higher level of productivity-Decided In-house production over outsourcing-Focus on Low wage/bonus/fringes cost per unit assembled price tech.

discount assembly advertising-What . GLO-BUS-PPT Class Presentation KM. Uploaded by. 作为 梁. What Is GLO-BUS All About? GLO-BUS: Developing Winning Strategies GLO-BUS is an online, PC-based exercise where you run a digital camera company in Overview and Orientation head-to-head competition against companies run by other class members.

3 Finally, the process and indicators can address many of the assurance of learning requirements of accrediting bodies such as AACSB and EQUIS.


Foundation Simulation Final Report. MANA – Organizational Strategy. Example. Annual Report 1.

Glo-Bus Strategy Review by Allaire Coffin on Prezi

Sensors, Inc.’s Mission Statement: Internal Analysis: Round 0 – ending December 31, The ending of this round was the start of the simulation. Each of the identically situated companies. Context: In all of the group meeting, we as the co-managers, had agreed on the decision to take and do the Glo-bus together.

Activating Experience: During the very last minutes of before year 11 or 12 decision was due, one of the co-managers changed the decision and we were not informed about that.

Glo-Bus Strategy Review by Allaire Coffin on Prezi