How to write api in code igniter pdf

An Introduction to using the Library Watch on YouTube Library Features Change the maps appearance including zoom, central position, size and control positioning.

How to write api in code igniter pdf

Frameworks don't make any sense Frameworks are one of the hugest anti-patterns in software development. They're hard to learn. They limit your creativity.

They increase your project's complexity and dependencies. They go out of business and get abandoned. You have to maintain and upgrade your code to match the latest framework versions for no good reason. You have to search for help and ask others for advice when you're stuck.

And you probably only need a small percentage of features that the framework offers anyway. They just don't make much sense. You should prefer core-language solutions to small abstractions to small helper libraries to general libraries to frameworks.

Software should be developed using least amount of complexity, dependencies, effort and using fundamental tools that have been and will be here for the next 20 years.

Frameworks are at the far end of software complexity spectrum and you want to avoid them as much as possible. You should be fighting complexity and not embracing it.

I don't use frameworks and I encourage you not to use them as well. In fact, one of the rules for writing software at Browserling is to avoid frameworks at all costs. There must be a tremendous reason to use a framework.

So far we've used 0 frameworks and just a few libraries to get things done. I've yet to see someone come up with a good reason to use a framework. Simplicity is the law at Browserling.

how to write api in code igniter pdf

I've taught my employees well to never choose a framework solution and to try to find the simplest solution starting from the core language and core tools and going up. Let's go over the reasons why you shouldn't be using frameworks in more details.

Frameworks are hard to learn and this knowledge is generally useless Frameworks take a lot of time to learn. Instead of learning fundamental tools, core computer science concepts, and programming techniques, you spend time learning something specific and generally useless.

Just because someone invented a framework and many people use it doesn't mean you need to learn or use it. People give in peer pressure too easily. You should be thinking, how do I avoid using this framework? How many actual features or core concepts do I need from this framework?

Can I implement these features in a hundred lines of code and be done with it and never depend on this framework? Who are the authors of this framework?

Do these guys have a track record of maintaining their code or did they just put it together in a weekend and released it? Don't learn useless frameworks that have no value.

Prepare the view:

Frameworks limit your scope of creativity Frameworks limit the scope of your creativity. Frameworks put you in a box you can't escape. Frameworks make you dumb.CodeIgniter User Guide¶. License Agreement; Change Log; Welcome; Basic Info; Installation; Introduction; Tutorial; Contributing to CodeIgniter.

Define A Configuration For Uploaded File:

This tutorial will show you how to use this code to set up your REST API, and gives example of how to interact with it from your web application. Assumptions You have a web server set up, locally or online and known how to manage files on it. CodeIgniter File Upload Library In Action: After we have defined the configuration properly our task is very simple.

We will just load the ‘upload’ library and call the ‘do_upload’ method. Peter Gruenbaum Peter Gruenbaum has worked as an API writer to describe APIs for eCommerce, traffic prediction, electric utilities, mobile devices, tractors, and cat humor sites, just to name a few.

His company, SDK Bridge, specializes in making APIs more engaging for developers by writing API documentation, sample code, and wrapper SDKs. Prerequisites Before you start proceeding with this tutorial, we assume that you are already exposed to As the name indicates the Application folder contains all the code of your application that you Write the following code in that file.

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