Restorative justice and the criminal justice

What is Restorative Justice? Restorative Justice RJ is an approach to problem solving that is based around three basic concepts: That when crime or wrongdoing occurs, the focus is on the harm that has been done to people and relationships When harm has been done, it creates obligations and liabilities The way forward involves wrongdoers, victims and the community in efforts to heal the harm and put things right adapted from Zehr and Mika, There is a range of Restorative Justice programs across fields as diverse as justice policing, corrections, juvenile justiceschools, workplaces, organizations, faith groups, family and community. RJ programs are characterized by four key values:

Restorative justice and the criminal justice

But this was not always the case.

Restoring Community

Legal challenge to detention in Malawi In Decemberthe Centre for Human Rights Education, In Kenya, students volunteer legal services in slum areas of the major cities. In … Read More Kenya — kenya 3 — Justice Have the cases dropped, deferred, or referred to a local justice mechanism.

A … Public than those of the criminal justice system, juvenile justice procedures include analogs to trials adjudicatory hearings and sentencing nacvcb. Collection 18 British juvenile justice system in Kenya. Our Malawi project aims to increase access to justice for those held within the heavily congested criminal justice system in … Read More AllAfrica.

The introduction of the Criminal Division in the High Court has contributed a lot to speed up … Read More Criminal justice — Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia The subject of criminal justice is, of course, primarily concerned with the enforcement of criminal law.

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What Are You Waiting For?RESTORATIVE JUSTICE l the road to healing 3 1.

Restorative justice and the criminal justice

PREAMBLE South Africa as in most countries in the world is still applying a retributive justice system. The Little Book of Restorative Justice: Revised and Updated (Justice and Peacebuilding) [Howard Zehr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Howard Zehr is the father of Restorative Justice and is known worldwide for his pioneering work in transforming understandings of justice. Here he proposes workable principles and practices for making Restorative Justice . Restorative Justice is an approach to justice that aims to involve the parties to a dispute and others affected by the harm (victims, offenders, families concerned and community members) in collectively identifying harms, needs and obligations through accepting responsibilities, making restitution, and taking measures to prevent a recurrence of the .

Restorative Justice can be applied at any stage in the Criminal Justice System such as: Pre-charge (before a charge is laid).

Pre-trial (after a charge is laid and before accused appears in Court). Post-charge (after charge, but before plea in court). After conviction, but before sentence.

Restorative justice and the criminal justice

Post-sentence (for parole and re-integration purposes). Restorative Justice views criminal conflict as an injury to personal relationships and the "property" of those involved (Christie, ). It replaces "punishment" of the offender as the basis for justice, with attempts to heal injuries of all parties involved in criminal conflict: victim, offender, and community.

Because restorative justice is a process that relies on the actions of those in the criminal justice system–judges and prosecutors must refer defendants or people convicted of crimes to.

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