Should doctors focus on profitability or

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Should doctors focus on profitability or

Plus, with our cloud-based practice management application provided to you at no charge, we definitely take the pain out of getting paid. That's why with edgeMED Essential, we take it a step further and help your practice dig deeper to analyze cost and profitability, monitor contract under and over payments and investigate new revenue opportunities, resulting in mutual success and long-lasting partnerships.

Using our proven methodologies, we have been exceeding physicians' expectations since No-Show Reduction Rate and Increase in Patient Visits based upon comparison of the average fluctuation in patient visits for clients without edgeMED Essential with that for clients that had their month anniversary on Essential during the year ending With our entire cloud-based practice management PM solution provided to your practice at no cost, you can easily be alerted of any outstanding patient balances, as well as verify eligibility, at the time of scheduling so staff members can provide the patient with a friendly reminder of amounts due at the time of service.

We populate all charges to ensure high-level accuracy that results in a Effective healthcare revenue cycle management starts with compliant, accurate and optimized medical coding services. As coding rules and compliance regulations continue to change, we keep you in compliance so that you can optimize reimbursement.

This process ensures that claims are clean and will significantly increase first-pass payments and reduce claim denials. Once received, payments are reviewed, posted, automatically compared against fee schedules and then balanced. This is performed at the time of payment posting to help ensure correct reimbursement.

Secondary Claims Billing is never as simple as just sending out a claim. Even when a claim is paid, patients may frequently carry a second insurance, necessitating the balance from the primary claim to be sent to a secondary payer.

Even on a flawless claim, it can take multiple claims or patient bills to get you paid correctly. Patient Billing with online payments edgeMED Essential performs all patient billing and follow-up activities for your practice.

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We realize and appreciate that your patients are to you what our clients are to us - and we treat them with courtesy and respect. Patients are mailed a series of easy-to-understand statements.

Should doctors focus on profitability or

Should the patient fail to respond, a letter or call sequence is initiated to attain payment. To make it simple and convenient for patients to remit payment, we have integrated credit and debit card processing.

Whether the patient remits payment at the time of service, submits payment to edgeMED via phone or visits our online patient payment portal, we provide the ease and the tools to get you paid faster and increase patient collections.

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Audits and Controls Attention! Throughout the entire revenue cycle process, edgeMED Essential integrates a series of proven internal and external checks and balances.Physician contract negotiations are high-stakes affairs, and doctors are poorly prepared to come out well.

Contributor Archives Health Status and Health Care Access of Farm and Rural Populationsstates that both farm and rural populations experience lower access to health care along the dimensions of affordability, proximity, and quality, compared with their nonfarm and urban counterparts. Nonmetropolitan households are more likely to report that the cost of healthcare limits their ability to receive medical care.

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