Spirituality in hospital setting

The objective of the program is to help people who are committed to ongoing recovery and to maintain housing by providing support in their home environment. Participants will be actively working with a counsellor on an individualized recovery plan. This program provides temporary housing up to days in length. The treatment plan will include education and practicing skills to obtain stable and appropriate housing by the participant's discharging date.

Spirituality in hospital setting

He now focuses on writing, teaching, and consulting. Founder of The Kansas City Interfaith Council and its convener throughhe is now its convener emeritus.

Spirituality in hospital setting

He has been active in many professional and civic organizations. His articles, poems, and reviews appear in many journals. For six years he served on the editorial board of Unity Magazine as its only non-Unity ministerial member, and is noted as contributor to Spirituality in hospital setting Interfaith Observer.

In he was honored by the Ethnic Studies Center at William Jewell College for his community work fostering understanding among faiths. In his Rotary Club Foundation recognized his work helping to found a yearly week-long Youth Leadership Institute for high school students. He supervised the development of the curriculum and later chaired the Institute.

He organized the Kansas City Interfaith Council in and hosted it through ; for its first four years, he coordinated the Christian-Jewish-Muslim Dialogue Group.

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In his interest in Pandurang Athavale led to speaking to an assembly ofon the banks of the Ganges River. He has attended, spoken at, and helped organize numerous international conferences on religion around the world. He has spoken for Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, and other religious organizations, and for retreats, schools, and business and civic groups.

He has appeared on, and consulted for, TV and radio around the country. He edited and contributed to a book on worship, An Abraxas Reader He is now writing another book on worship and a book on world religions.

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The Interpretation of Desirewas published in An undergraduate at the University of Nebraska, Barnet first encountered language analysis in religion with the philosopher and churchman O K Bouwsma. His friendship with Huston Smith began in and included hosting and appearing with him in Kansas City programs in Inhe was one of the five founding members of the Congregation of Abraxasa liturgical and missionary order whose mission field was the Unitarian Universalist churches interested in worship.

As the organization grew, he became a member of the Order of the Congregation of Abraxas, and served as its executive director during the years the organization flourished.

In he was baptized at Grace and Holy Cathedral Episcopal in Kansas City where he worships regularly, while enjoying participation with fellow Unitarian Universalist clergy. In cooperation with the Interfaith Council, he led the annual Thanksgiving Sunday Interfaith Ritual Meal which has become a key multi-faith witness in Kansas City through its 25th year, Now, as minister emeritus, his networking responsibilities are diminished and his work involves archiving previously produced material.

His new contributions are largely through writing, teaching, and consulting.


He continues to provides wedding and other rites-of-passage services for those desiring an interfaith context. His photography has appeared in educational and commercial publications. His interest in religious disciplines included a fast from solid food, with medical supervision, for 72 days.

His early work in computer programming led to an adjunct faculty appointment at The Computer Academy in Kansas City. He also enjoys swimming, singing, and photography.

His son, Benjamin, was born in BoxKansas City, MO Tips for Introductions If you plan to introduce Vern before he gives a speech, please select three, or at most four, items; brief introductions are best for the audience, for Vern, and for you.

Spirituality in Hospital Setting | Essay Example

Long introductions try the audience, rouse unrealistic expectations, and deprive the speaker of the time allotted for his remarks. For example, here is a normal introduction: In he founded the Kansas CIty Interfaith Council, and his interfaith work has been recognized by awards from many faith groups.

Here is an extended introduction: His primary interest, however, is in helping the community appreciate the many faiths represented here as resources for one's own spiritual growth.

Spirituality in hospital setting

His topic today is "The World's Religions: The usual fee suggestions are listed at on the page at www. Financial recognition is usually expected as part of the organization's efforts to finance interfaith work.Reiki In Hospitals by William Lee Rand.

At hospitals and clinics across America, Reiki is beginning to gain acceptance as a meaningful and cost-effective way to improve patient care. People with hearing loss can dream of a future when hearing aids might also serve as wireless loudspeakers, delivering clear, customized sound from inside their ears.

Jonestown – Brief background Key truths about God, the Creator 2.

Spirituality and religion at the Prince of Wales Hospital In-depth interviews with patients and clinical staff, followed by a hospital wide survey of Prince of Wales patients and visitors a found that.

medical setting by the physician. It also addresses the question of whether there is an appropriate and effective way for oncologists to explore the issue of spiritual or religious. This research defines a concept of spirituality in the hospitalized elderly person and develops a model on which to base spirituality assessment in the hospital setting.

Spiritual Healthcare September 16, More and more hospitals are now putting added emphasis on the spiritual care of their patients, and it is paying off both figuratively and literally.

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