Television programs should be regulated and parents should monitor their children

But too much screen time can have unhealthy side effects. That's why it's wise to monitor and limit the time your kids spend playing video games, watching TV, and using the Internet. Babies and toddlers up to 18 months old: No screen time, with the exception of video-chatting with family and friends.

Television programs should be regulated and parents should monitor their children

Finding minimalism in a world of consumerism. Kids and teens 8 to 18 years spend nearly 4 hours a day in front of a TV screen and almost 2 additional hours on the computer outside of schoolwork and playing video games.

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Counting all media outlets, year-olds devote an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes to using entertainment media across a typical day And the effects of television on children are not good. Children who watch too much television: Carry a much higher risk of childhood obesity.

Television programs should be regulated and parents should monitor their children

Are more likely to display aggressive behavior. Children naturally copy what they see. For a simple, chilling experiment, allow your son to watch professional wrestling and see how long it takes before he tackles his sister.

Have a harder time in school. Are more-exposed to commercials, advertisements, and propaganda. Most people would agree that our culture watches too much.

Yet, few people are able to curb their habit and reclaim their life. And even fewer know how to help their children navigate the media-drenched world we live in.

Each of these are tried-and-true methods used in our home and others. Sorry to start with the toughest one, but there is nowhere else to start. Children will always gravitate toward the modeled behaviors of their parents.

If they see you reading a book, they are more likely to read. And if they see you watching television, so will they. It is your job to encourage healthy behaviors and limit unhealthy ones — sometimes this means making unpopular decisions.

Make these tough decisions for your children. And always go the next step of explaining why you have made the decision — this will help them follow through and someday choose it for themselves. Set Limited Viewing Times. If you are not going to turn off the television completely, choose the appropriate television viewing windows for your kids.

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It is much easier to limit their viewing habit if they understand that they can only watch one show in the morning and one show after school as just an example. Play with Your Kids. Get down on the floor with your kids and pick up a doll, truck, or ball.

It takes intentionality and selfless love when they are 6. Be Involved in Their Lives. For many parents, it is just easier to turn on the television than to actually be involved in the lives of their children. But those intimate life details are required for successful parenting.

So observe, listen, ask, and parent. Oh, by the way, it will positively impact your checkbook too. I can tell almost the moment I walk in the door.Philadelphia, like many other cities, can impose penalties on the parents when their children are out past the city curfew. In Philadelphia, the parents receive a warning for the first violation, up to a $ fine for a second violation, and $ to $ fines for subsequent violations.

In conclusion, I think programs should be regulated and parents should monitor their children until they are old enough to choose for themselves. Families should spend more time together doing different activities that do not .

The Children's Television Act requires local monitoring to be effective. Sweeping telecom-munications reform legislation and public broadcasting cutbacks are currently being debated in Washington. Ask your children what they think, and encourage them to act. Exposure to violence in media, including television, movies, music, and video games, represents a significant risk to the health of children and adolescents.

Extensive research evidence indicates that media violence can contribute to aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence, nightmares, and fear of being harmed. Pediatricians should assess their . Censoring Violence in Media our collective rescue and sanitize television “for the sake of the children.” amount of violent content for young children to witness.

Parents need to act. Asked if he believes there should be some sort of law enforcing such care, he said, “My own opinion is no. Adult children have obligations to their own children. As a lawyer, I believe it’s.

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