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Jauhar's latest book, "Heart: A History," recounts several prominent moments in cardiovascular medicine's history, while giving readers a look into his personal experiences.

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I went thru this on dads tractor when I restored it, if you can weld and have access to a machine shop than all the damage that was caused can be fixed. I fixed dads by drilling the center out and welding a bushing in there then re-drill the center hole and cut the key slot in there with broaches.

If I remember you have to take the collar of the left side then remove the rite side hub. You can check the manuals section here for more info. Pete Theres a few machine shops around.

Ill have to give them a call, do some pricing and see if they have a bridgeport machine. Ill let them do both the welding and machining. We have a Mig welder but don't have much experience. Yea, I was able to get the axle to slide partially out but stopped myself. After looking at the parts manual, i'm worried about the drive gear and keyway dropping inside.

I need to apply permatex anyways so ill split it open. As far as the seals, I imagine you mean the axle seals.

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A good seal puller or even a long flat blade screw driver can usually be employed to get them out of their bores.

What I usually do is put a thin layer of either silicone gasket maker or thread locker on the outside surface of the seal where it sits it the bore. There is another Loctite product retaining compound made just for that purpose but not always as easy to find at the parts store as the other stuff.

Not always necessary but nice insurance. Don't forget to lube the inner seal lip with some axle grease before installing the seals and make sure you drive the seal in squarely with the proper size driver or a three point triangle pattern sequence with a wide punch or 2x4 around the edge of the seal to avoid damaging the seals.

As for the damaged keyway in the hub and axle, the best option would be to replace them if you're lucky enough to find some good ones. Maybe someone else out there has another suggestion for those but that is what would work best in my opinion.


There are some other things you could try, including JB Weld, but I don't know what kind of longevity you would get from those options.

Hopefully, someone who has used one of the "other options" will chime in with their experience and results. Replacing the seals doesn't sound too bad.

Ill just use some grease. Ill go with the machine shop option.Kit Audi A4/S4 Quattro B5 Platform front application Air Lift PERFORMANCE.

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