Writing a simple basic program

Share on Facebook Writing simple Visual Basic computer code is a matter of utilizing the prebuilt code pieces that come as a part of Visual Basic Express or Visual Studio.

Writing a simple basic program

This is to demonstrate the build process and to explain a few more things. Action Explanation Create a new folder in your c: This helps you organise your work.

You can put all your programming work and tools in this folder or in sub-folders if you prefer. Then using your text editor, create a new file and type these lines: RET Save this file in the prog folder calling it, say, Nothing.


This is the "do-nothing" program. It also tells the linker that this is where program execution should start. Now using your text editor, create a new file and type these lines: The first line runs the assembler GoAsm, giving it the Nothing.

This creates the file Nothing. GoLink is also told to create a console program - this is a program which does not make use of the Windows Graphical User Interface it does not have windows.

Go to the "start" menu, programs, and click on "MS-DOS prompt" note the position of this command may differ between computers, for example in XP this is "start", all programs, accessories, command prompt. If you are not used to DOS commands, this will be a mystery to you.

Type "gonothing" and press enter. Here you are running the batch file gonothing.

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You will see the files Nothing. If you prefer you can simply double click on the batch file in Windows Explorer. Finally type "Nothing" and press enter. Here you run the executable you have made Nothing.

See that it doesn't actually do anything. The DOS prompt will just move down a line. But Windows was quite happy with this program — congratulations you've made your first Windows program!

This is simply to demonstrate how to call a Windows API. This type of program is called a console program because it makes no windows, and therefore makes no use of the Graphical User Interface known as the "GUI".

The process is the same as before except this time you might call the source script say, HelloWorld1. Action Create a new file and type these lines: Now type these lines: The value in this case is minus 11 expressed as an ordinary decimal number.

This is pushed on the stack ready to send to the API call as a parameter. Here we ask for handle which is the Standard Output Handle for the console.

The console is the interface with the user, which in this case will be the MS-DOS window also known as the "command prompt".

Using this handle we can write to the window.

writing a simple basic program

It writes the string which is 11 characters long. This is required because WriteFile will report into that dword how many characters it actually writes.

Now you can assemble and link this file using the same techniques as before, but with a slight change. Your batch file will now be:Because most code is in plain text, you can write code using a basic word processor or text editor.

However, it is much more effective to use a software application that is specifically designed. You may wish to copy this program into your C++ programming editor and compile it, just for practice. Because this is a special display program, it is somewhat more tricky to copy than others in this tutorial.

Aug 14,  · Q-BASIC PROGRAMS 1)Write a program to enter your name and print it. CLS Write a program to find out the simple Interest. Cls Input " Enter the Principal";P write a simple basic program to achieve the following metin2sell.comg the mean of five numbers.

metin2sell.comg the volume of a . Jan 16,  · Writing a Python Program - Simple Workflow This minute demo shows how to use two terminal windows to write and debug a simple Python2 program.

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What is Python? and Basic. So you know a little bit about programming See the rules for full details. Even simple Go-playing AIs require deep levels of knowledge, but a two-player game is easy to create. Action Games: Asteroids This is more of an exercise in writing maze-generation algorithms.

Variants: Teleports, buttons to . Write a program to play a simple "adventure"-style interactive game. The adventure world consists of up to five castles each of which has up to seven rooms (35 total).

Each room has a treasure, worth a certain number of points, and a creature guarding the treasure.

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