Year 2 writing assessment 2016 ncaa

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Year 2 writing assessment 2016 ncaa

A meeting place for a world of reflective writers. If you are like me, sometimes these special days sneak up on you, making it difficult to prepare something meaningful to do to celebrate.

Last January, I began a Voxer group to discuss educators as writers. During the summer, our group began brainstorming some ideas for the National Day on Writing and we renewed the conversation last week. Here are some of the fabulous ideas that have been discussed: For National Day on Writing, invite students and staff to see how many inches or feet of writing they can do.

Show students a roll of adding machine tape and ask them to approximate how many inches or feet they can fill with their writing.

Roll out and measure a strip of tape and have students write. Hang the stories along the hallway wall between classrooms, hanging down from doorways, along the walls of the cafeteria. Get all writers in the building involved…that means the whole school…the janitor could have their writing hanging from their clean up cart, the principal could have theirs hanging from their office door.

Even the bus drivers could write and have it on display, taped to the walls of the bus.

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This is a beautiful idea to help promote writing as well as gratitude and citizenship. Kristi Lonheim, a 5th grade teacher in Saudi Arabia, had the idea to create a Writing Scavenger Hunt, and ask students to look for where they find writing in their everyday lives.

They can keep a list, sharing all the ways they use writing and see it used in the world around them.

Kristi also suggested allowing students to have time to free write on the National Day on Writing. Aside from these valuable contributions from our TWT Voxer group, there are so many writers and educators who generously share resources that might be of use to you as you plan ways to celebrate the National Day on Writing.

Sharing this with your students would be another way to make a connection to the National Day on Writing.

year 2 writing assessment 2016 ncaa

The videos are short and kid-friendly and address writing issues such as how do you get ideas and why you need to revise. Our Two Writing Teachers archives also include ideas from years past on ways to celebrate this day of writing.

I created a padlet to share with my students, this Two Writing Teachers community, and any educator who feels it can be useful. Click here to access it and add to it. How do you plan on celebrating the National Day on Writing this year?

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